For our efforts around our future leaders, we were awarded with the TraineeNet Award.

As one of the largest employers in Austria, the promotion of our up-and-coming talents is – among other things – particularly important to us. 2019, our trainee program has been awarded with this year's TraineeNet Award. Over 30 trainee programs were evaluated here, of which only three were awarded the highest accolade.

Human Resources Director Bettina Augeneder was pleased to announce the victory at this year’s TraineeNet awards: "With the rating ‘excellent’, our trainee program is considered one of the best in Austria. As there were not only assessed the framework conditions of the program, but also the votes of our employees, we are particularly proud of the positive feedback that we received from our trainees. Once again, we have proven that hard work and, above all other things, teamwork ultimately lead to success.”