Our values

Our values are the DNA of our company

Our values define who we are. They motivate and inspire us and give us the energy to achieve our goals. They provide us with structure, teach us how to interact and determine our behaviour towards external partners. Our values are essential to our ongoing business success.

  • We are authentic: we act with integrity and do what is right, not just easy.
  • We give our best: we strive to amaze with passion and speed.
  • We learn constantly: we listen and have a natural curiosity to learn.
  • We care four our people: we believe in our people, invest in them and we empower them.
  • We perform as one: we believe in the power of working together, contributing in every interaction.
  • We win with our customers: our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our values are deeply embedded in our 2020 Play to Win Strategic Framework, which motivates us to strengthen community trust, consumer relevance, customer preference, and cost leadership every day.