Our traditional Austrian brand Römerquelle has been recognised by the Federal Ministry of Health as natural mineral water, which is the highest quality level. It stands out due to its well-balanced mineralisation and a low sodium concentration. You can taste the perfect water quality – with every sip you take.

Our water is bottled directly at the spring in Edelstal (Burgenland) following the strictest quality and hygiene requirements. The spring source of Römerquelle, which has brought vitality to people since the Roman times, lies at a depth of 250 meters. Massive rock layers naturally protect the spring water from contamination.

Römerquelle Prickelnd

Römerquelle sparkling

Carbonated mineral water fresh from the spring for sparkling delight. Superbly refreshing and very popular as thirst-quencher. The carbon dioxide contained stimulates, while the body is provided with important mineral nutrients and trace elements due to its well-balanced mineralisation.

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Römerquelle Mild

Römerquelle mild

The finest taste experience, refreshing while wholesome. Mineral water with a lower carbonation level supports balanced water intake.

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Römerquelle Still

Römerquelle still

A pure pleasure. Nothing easier than covering your daily fluid requirement with Römerquelle’s still mineral water. According to an analysis of the Austrian magazine Konsument concerning still bottled mineral water, Römerquelle still was awarded test winner in July 2017 with 99 of 100 points.

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Römerquelle Fresh Zitrone

Römerquelle Fresh Lemon

Natural Römerquelle mineral water gets a light taste by means of adding natural fruit flavour from lemons, while sparkling mildly due to carbonation. Especially health-conscious consumers who aim to avoid sugar or additives are able to cover their fluid requirement without having to miss a fruity flavour.

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Römerquelle Fresh Raspberry-Lime

No sugar, no sweeteners, no calories. Römerquelle Fresh Raspberry-Lime impresses with the well-known sweet taste of raspberry which, in combination with refreshing lime, results in a unique, harmonious and sparkling treat for your taste buds.

Römerquelle fruity Lemon Cucumber

Cucumber is no longer a simple ingredient for salads and Römerquelle fruity Lemon Cucumber can prove that: the combination of both fruits provides for a refreshing tart taste and it contains both vitamin B5 and E. While boosting your energy metabolism, these vitamins are known for their antioxidative effect, which protects the immune system like a defensive shield, in order to keep you ready for vacation and adventure during the summer.

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Römerquelle fruity Pear Blackberry

Römerquelle fruity Pear Blackberry reminds us of late summer days at the lake when we were kids, picking and snacking blackberries right away. The slightly sour taste of blackberries and the sweet flavour of pears complement one another really well. Packed with the vitamins B3, B6 and E, this variety is also a true vitamin bomb with great taste. Both flavours are available in the convenient 0.75-litre PET bottle in order to quench your thirst.

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Römerquelle Emotion Birne Melisse

Römerquelle Emotion Pear Balm

The positive effect of the balm on the body and soul has been known since the middle ages. In combination with the pear and wild malva, you’ll feel relaxed with every sip.

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Römerquelle Emotion Brombeere Limette

Römerquelle Emotion Blackberry Lime

The sweet-fruity blackberry has been well known and popular since the time of Hippocrates. In combination with refreshing lime, it provides for great taste and inspires the spirit.

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Römerquelle Emotion Marille

Römerquelle Emotion Apricot Elderflower

The apricot is known for its bright colour and fruity-mild aroma. In alliance with fragrant umbels of elder, it radiates vitality and strengthens the mind.

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Römerquelle Emotion Apfel Ribisel

Römerquelle Emotion Apple Red Currant

The apple was cultivated by the Romans and is an ideal thirst-quencher in combination with water. Perfectly complemented with the native, slightly acidic red currant, it has an invigorating and refreshing effect on everyday life.

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Römerquelle Emotion Ananas Zitrone

Römerquelle Emotion Pineapple Lemon

Thanks to its delicate, sweet flavour, the pineapple is known as the queen of tropical fruits. Combined with aromatic lemon, this drink is a tasty treat for the palate, refreshing from the inside out.

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Römerquelle Emotion Lemongrass

Römerquelle Emotion Lemongrass

Originating from Asia, lemongrass has been appreciated for its refreshing lemon taste and its invigorating effect. It provides exotic freshness and activates the body and soul.

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Römerquelle Emotion Mango Acai

For a short time only: The combination of the two exotic fruits promises a pure feeling of vacation. The fruity mango impresses with its sweetness. Together with the slightly nutty − some even say: chocolate-like − flavor of the acai berry (which is considered to be a superfood), it offers a totally new taste experience.

Römerquelle bio limo light lemon-lime-mint

Small but powerful: the first certified organic Römerquelle lemonade convinces all along the line. The summer-fresh variety lemon-lime-mint combines natural mineral water with at least 7% fruit content to the perfect thirst quencher for on the go. And is, with less than 20 calories per 100ml, in the truest sense of the word, an easy companion.

Römerquelle bio limo light orange-mango-passion fruit

Römerquelle bio limo light is the perfect balance of acidity and light sweetness. Thanks to the tropical-fruity taste, the naturally cloudy, certified organic lemonade ensures a summery feeling on the tongue. Like Römerquelle bio limo light lemon-lime-mint, it scores with a perfect proportion of fruit from certified organic agriculture and low calories.


Clouds represent water in its smartest form. They inspired us to revolutionise the only way of making water. We vapour-distil and condense natural mineral water and add mineral salts for a clean crisp taste.

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