AdeZ is a great and delicious choice for those who want to adjust their nutrition and lifestyle even more towards plant-based products! AdeZ has an exquisite taste, does not contain any sugar and is lactose-free.


Allow us to present: AdeZ…

AdeZ [Ah-des] is a NEW product range of delicious plant-based drinks. The nutritious blend of seeds or seeds and fruit juice is ideal for breakfast or as a snack between meals.

Enjoy consciously plant-based with AdeZ: a perfectly balanced formula, without sugar added, with important vitamins and minerals, which help you day by day to be your best and to simply feel AdeZ.

AdeZ Surprising Soy

Rise and shine with AdeZ Surprising Soy! The best surprise in the morning due to its creamy and filling consistency and its natural mild flavour!

Soy protein is classified as a high-quality complete protein (it contains the nine most important amino acids), provides benefits for heart health and is an essential component of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

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AdeZ Amazing Almond

Enchants with its delicious nutty, mild taste. Whether you mix it in your morning coffee or in your breakfast cereals: it tastes fantastic either way!

Almonds are particularly rich in vitamin E, which protects cell membranes and improves the immune function of your body.

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AdeZ Rockin‘ Rice

Rock your morning with our mild rice mix and you will be ready for the day! Just sweet enough.

By the way, rice is an excellent source of low-fat carbohydrates, which give your body strength; it contains vitamin B and contains no lactose, gluten or cholesterol.

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AdeZ Outstanding Oat Strawberry & Banana

This blend of delicious oats, strawberries and bananas tastes great for breakfast or as a snack between meals. One 250ml-bottle provides you with 29% of your daily magnesium requirement, preventing tiredness and exhaustion*.

In addition, oats reduce the risk of heart diseases, help to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar and reduce high blood pressure.

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AdeZ Amazing Almond Mango & Passion fruit

Only one bottle of this innovative and delicious blend of soaked and finely milled almonds with exotic fruit juice made of mango and passion fruit supports you to cover 29% of your daily vitamin E requirement and to protect your body cells from oxidative stress*.

Vitamin E also protects your cell membranes and improves your body’s immune function.

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