Are you ready to start an exciting apprenticeship at Coca Cola HBC Austria? Take the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

As of 2018 we offer apprenticeships in Vienna and Edelstal. We are looking for motivated apprentices in the following areas:



Are you characterized by high motivation and do you want to learn new things? Do you like taking responsibility and showing initiative?

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Full application documents include the following:


At, you can practice educational content for free and get your personal PLAYMIT certificate. Send these with your apprenticeship application.

Apprenticeship and high school diploma

Coca‑Cola HBC Austria offers you the opportunity to combine your practice-oriented education with a high school diploma. You can start the apprenticeship and the preparation for the high school diploma at the same time. However, the latest is an entry with the beginning of the 3rd year of the apprenticeship program. There are 4 main modules in the subjects Mathematics, German, English and a subject of your apprentice education. A main module lasts two semesters and is completed with a partial exam. Three of the partial exams can be taken before the final apprenticeship exam, the fourth after the final apprenticeship exam and after the age of 19.


If you have any questions you can contact our Human Resources Department: