The workandfamily audit puts companies to the test regarding their family-conscious personnel strategy.

With our participation in the workandfamily audit we want to recognize potential areas for improvement and become an even more family-friendly employer, because it is our employees that make our company successful. We have set ourselves the goal to specifically challenge and support our employees, but also to provide them with a framework that enables family-conscious working and that makes a healthy balance within this fast-moving work environment possible.

The measures that we take are diverse and are continually being expanded or adapted to changing requirements. We do not only concentrate on employees with children but aim to create a respectful and supportive environment for all employee groups. Especially the topics of flexibility, health promotion, diverse career paths, benefits and an open-minded management culture are decisive.

A small example from the current catalogue of measures:

The participation in the audit is for us of course not only a one-off event but represents an integral part of our Austrian Corporate Culture.

I am proud to be able to influence and shape the family friendliness of our company. Even if not every measure can directly be seen from externally, it is the long-term effects and the main idea behind our actions, that make the participation in the audit so relevant and important. Anna Samek

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