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The answer’s simple. Do what you love and love what you do.

The world of Coca-Cola HBC is complex, fast moving and most definitely exciting! We are a modern company with a unique history. Our diverse brands speak for themselves. Our team is international, meets any challenge and adapts flexibly to new situations.

Hands-on mentality is really important for us. Coca Cola employees are there for each other, join in together and give each other support with their tasks. We are committed to our portfolio and are on fire for our job – each and everyone contributes with full dedication to the company´s success. Bettina Augeneder, Human Resources Director

We work in a dynamic market environment. This may not always be easy and requires a certain level of flexibility. In return we offer a diversified working environment in which you won´t get bored. Our company is subject to constant development and in order to reach our ambitious goals, we systematically promote talents as part of our strategy. Our brands´ success motivates us to push ahead every day. We are driven by passion and our goal is excellence – in fact in everything we do. Take a peek behind the scenes and become part of the Coca Cola family!

What we expect from your application and what you can expect from us.

Audit workandfamily

We ensure that our employees find the right balance: with the commitment to audit workandfamily, we support our team in bringing work and private life together even better.

Find out how you benefit from the audit workandfamily.

Lead with impact

We are a high performing team that delivers remarkable results. We provide refreshment to our consumers who enjoy our wide portfolio of beverage brands, but we are strongly focused on our sustainability commitments – bringing a positive difference to the local communities we serve, ensure that we are a community worth being part of.

"My most important mantra in running a regional sales team: The stage is left to my employees."

Michael Freese, Regional Sales Manager North Region Read the full story
invested in community programmes and initiatives in 2017 groupwide

employee hours volunteered during worktime in 2017 groupwide

Win and learn together

You’ll feel that togetherness and the people we work with are very important to us. We’re a diverse, inclusive, hard-working but very supportive team. Our shared sense of purposeis reflected in our team spirit, dedication and passion. Every win is ours, not per individual. And the talented people around us are our inspiration for growth.

"The great variety - combined with the fact that I am also working directly on site in our production and logistics centre or with customers - makes my work unique."

Jasmin Gilles, Junior Customer Logistics Specialist Read the full story
Highly engaged employees groupwide

Employees groupwide say, colleagues are willing to help each other, even outside usual activities

Accelerate your personal development

We are passionately devoted to developing our people. Tailored development programmes for each segment and level in the organisation as well as fast-paced learning environment will give you unparalleled personal growth experience. Supportive leadership will encourage you to take full ownership of your work and career path. And the dynamic nature of our business and opportunity for continuous improvement will continuously stretch you to maximise your potential.

"Be flexible, inquisitive and seize all the opportunities that you have in the company."

Katharina Haberkorn, I&G Sales Specialist Read the full story
People in talent acceleration programs in last 3 years groupwide

Of leaders roles filled by internal talent groupwide

Quench your thirst for growth

We’re part of a high-performing culture, where we believe that we can learn each day and be better than the day before. We recognise and celebrate people who are forward-thinking, results-driven, passionate and who never stop looking for ways to improve. We learn from every experience and grow from it.

"One of the things that makes CCHBC a really special employer to work for is the constant drive for excellence."

Patrick Redl, Plant Manager Read the full story
Of employees groupwide say we take ownership of our own learning

Of customers groupwide report that we met or exceeded their expectations

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"Anyone who shows commitment and ambition, and is prepared to take responsibility, will have great career opportunities at Coca-Cola HBC."

Michael Freese Regional Sales Manager Region North
Read the full story

"From time to time you need to have the courage to try something new and leave your comfort zone. Because the individual development is accelerated at Coca-Cola HBC very strong."

Katharina Haberkorn Katharina Haberkorn, I&G Sales Specialist
Read the full story

"Those who like to work on the more technical side of our business, be digitally on the pulse of the times and solve puzzles with passion, are in the right place in terms of logistics excellence."

Albert Raditsch Albert Raditsch, Logistics Excellence Specialist
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"At CCHBC, one day is never like another and I’ve learnt that in order to grow and succeed, you need to be flexible and ready for a fast-moving world, eager to take on new responsibilities and challenges."

Patrick Redl Plant Manager
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