Espresso Monster


With Espresso Monster, Monster created its first “ready to drink” coffee, which provides the perfect energy kick for the day through the caffeine content of three espresso shots.

Three shots of espresso, ice-cold milk and the Espresso Energy Mix from Monster: that is Espresso Monster's recipe for success. Available in two delicious varieties, the ready-to-drink coffee is characterized by its strong taste and a sweet note. 


Espresso Monster Espresso and Milk

  1. Introduction

Awake in seconds: The first “ready-to-drink” coffee from Monster scores with three espresso shots and a shot of milk. For a great start to the day.

Espresso Monster Vanilla Espresso

  1. Introduction

Three shots of espresso and a touch of vanilla make this energy kick a sweet temptation at the same time. For the perfect start to the day.