Nemiroff Vodka


Nemiroff De Luxe

  1. Introduction
This premium, award winning vodka combines the clear taste with a pleasant mouthfeel. Light notes of vanilla, a slight aroma of linden blossom and a hint of fresh mint in the finish. A drink with a strong character for lovers who would like to enjoy vodka on its own.

Nemiroff De Luxe Honey Pepper

  1. Introduction

A combination of chili, natural honey and a mixture of 27 herbs give this drink its unique taste, subtle honey sweetness and subtle spiciness in the finish. The recipe is based on an old Ukrainian national recipe and has won many international awards.

Nemiroff LEX

  1. Introduction

Nemiroff Lex, the super-premium product from Nemiroff, combines exclusive design and premium taste. First-class wheat alcohol and the eleven-stage filtration process create an award-winning drink with a pleasantly deep aroma full of piquant floral, coriander and wood accents. The perfect sipping vodka with a pleasant mouthfeel.