Our approach

Especially in our day-to-day business, it is a challenge to live and apply the values of sustainability in everything we do. In order to go beyond our corporate statements and to truly implement them, we have approached sustainability strategically and have defined specific goals, which we measure on a regular basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are integral parts of our corporate philosophy, which are firmly anchored in Coca‑Cola HBC´s culture.

We aim to grow responsibly: our main objective is to minimise the company´s environmental impact. Therefore, we have defined the following focus areas:


We provide our consumers with a wide selection of refreshing high-quality products.


Energy and climate change
We are actively working to reduce the environmental footprint of our production, our offices, transportation and cooling equipment.


Consumer wellbeing
For the benefit of our consumers, we are reducing the calorie content of our beverages, providing transparent nutritional information and have promised to market our products responsibly.

Verpackung und Recycling

Packaging and recycling
We exclusively use environmentally compatible packaging which protects our products and makes sense from an economic point of view.


Our aim is to be one of Austria's best employers establishing an ideal framework to improve work and life quality for our employees.


Supplier relations
Since 1929 we are firmly anchored in our domestic economy: We emphasise on local production ensuring added value instead of import.


Water stewardship
We focus on protecting water sources and using water efficiently.

Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Social commitment
The wellbeing of people is very important to us, therefore we support and initiate life-improving activities.


Coca‑Cola HBC Austria Sustainability Report

We provide all detailed information about our focus areas in our Sustainability Report.