Our sustainability goals

Coca‑Cola HBC is making a promise for the future. We have committed to new goals including the reduction of our environmental footprint, the improvement of production efficiency and the development of charitable projects.

We commit ourselves to take the following steps until 2020:

  • To obtain 40 % of energy consumed from renewable and clean energy sources
  • To reduce 50 % in direct carbon emissions intensity
  • To reduce 30 % in water use intensity
  • To recover an average of 40 % of the packaging introduced into the market
  • To obtain 20 % of the PET material used from recycled and/or from renewable materials
  • To reduce our primary packaging per liter of product by 25 %
  • To certify more than 95 % of our key agricultural ingredients according to Coca‑Cola´s Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles
  • To invest 2 % of the annual pre-tax profit in our communities
  • To double the number of employees participating in voluntary initiatives during their working hours to 10 %

Coca‑Cola HBC Austria Sustainability Report

We provide all detailed information about our focus areas in our Sustainability Report.