Coca‑Cola HBC Austria exclusively uses environmentally compatible packaging, which safeguards our products and makes sense from an economic point of view.

Our target for 2020: We will recover an average of 40% of the packaging we introduce onto the market.

Our target for 2020: We will reduce our packaging by 25% per liter of produced beverage.

Our target for 2020: 20% of the overall PET used will be made from recycled PET and/or from renewable materials.


High recycling rates

Our consumers prefer lightweight and practical bottles. The PET bottle used by Coca‑Cola HBC Austria for Coca‑Cola is, for example, one of the lightest on the market and safes packaging material.

Austria is an international front-runner in terms of recycling PET bottles: due to separate collection, 3 of 4 PET bottles can already be recovered to enter a high-quality recycling process.

Our bottles consist of up to 45% of recycled material. The proportion of reusable packaging currently lies around 25%. Glass bottles are being refilled up to 40 times.

In 2016 37% of the packaging material introduced onto the market could already be recovered for recycling.

PlantBottleTM – 30% made of plant-based material

In Austria we are already able to drink Römerquelle from the award-winning PlantBottleTM – a 100% recyclable PET bottle, which is partially manufactured with plant material. The Coca‑Cola Company won an Edison Award for the PlantBottleTM as best new product in the category “Sustainable packaging”.

A PlantBottleTM works just like a conventional PET bottle, it looks the same and it is equally easy to recycle, but it offers one significant difference: the 30% proportion of MEG (monoethylene glycol) comes from sugarcane-based bio-monoethylene glycol (b-MEG) instead of crude oil. For more information


PET to PET – the bottle-to-bottle loop

In order to recycle our PET bottles, we established the state-of-the-art Pet recycling facility in Müllendorf (Burgenland) as model project of the local beverage industry together with four other Austrian beverage manufacturers.

At PET to PET Recycling, high-quality raw material for new bottles and other products is produced from about 23,000 tonnes of old PET bottles per year, using a modern, energy-efficient process. The regranulate obtained from the process virtually possesses the same characteristics as new material.

Our bottles consist of at least 20-45% of recycled material.