We focus on protecting water sources and using water efficiently.

Water efficiency

Water is the most important raw material in the beverage production and a necessary basis for all our activities. In order to reduce the consumption of this valuable resource, we continuously implement new technologies. We can only grow sustainably if we ensure that local water supplies remain plentiful and its quality stays intact.

Currently we need 1.72 litres of drinking water to produce each litre of beverage and we are on track to achieve our target for 2020 of 1.5 l/lpb.


Fast, faster, high speed

Since 2016, our Römerquelle mineral water is bottled with high speed; an incredible number of 12.5 bottles can be filled per second. The glass line is among the fastest of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group and works in an extremely energy-efficient way. The filling line for glass bottles also offers the highest security standards through automated adjustment of bottle sizes and optimum ambient conditions concerning light, ventilation and cleaning.

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Twice as clean

With our two new bottle washers we are reducing our fresh water consumption overall by 40%, and cut down on energy consumption by 50%, while we are still able to wash 55.000 bottles per hour. The cleaning and flushing operations are being improved constantly: We aspire to minimize the use of resources during the hygienically perfect cleaning process as much as possible. Therefore, we reuse the process water from the bottle washers to clean the crates – which saves us detergents, water and energy. Due to our water recycling measures, we are able to save a total of 60.000 m3 of water per year.


Gold medal for Edelstal

In 2014 our production and logistics centre in Edelstal was awarded with the European Water Stewardship (EWS) Gold Certificate as one of the first plants of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group and it is being recertified annually.

This goes along with our commitment to protect the resource water, to reduce the water consumption and to recycle process water. The standard determines concrete criteria for sustainable water management – ranging from the protection of springs to water quality and wastewater disposal. In this context water management is considered an integral part of the whole process.

Our target for 2020: To reduce the water consumption for the production of each litre of beverage to 1.5l.


Generation Blue the interactive youth water platform of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism with the Hydration Check