Business Developers

Be our perfect match

If you are determined to grow – come and grow our business further.
Take your chance to shine and apply for a job within our sales Team.

What you’ll experience

Working with a high performing supportive sales team in a fast-paced environment, you will apply top tools & best FMCG practices to bring iconic brands to the market. You´ll enhance your collaboration skills by finding win-win-solutions for your diverse customers and will achieve competitive results with them. On the job, through learning from each other and our CCHBC Sales academy, you and your colleagues will be motivated to constantly improve your sales skills, so you grow - exploiting your potential to the fullest.


Someone who is good at what he does is also distinguished by how he deals with failure, because there will always be setbacks in life. Only that one person will break and shatter, and the other will get up, shake it off and try again. And that's what ultimately makes the difference.

Florian Baumgartner Area Sales Manager

What makes you a successful Business Developer?

You prefer field to office work and are passionate about what you do, always thirsty for self-improvement and professional development. You don’t need to have a university degree or the same experience, but some skills and values are important…

Working in a dynamic role, you’re driven by achievements and go the extra mile to bring results, because you believe that stretching

and challenging yourself is the best and fastest way to grow. You always strive to get better at what you do.

You easily build sincere trusting relationship with customers because you enjoy working with diverse people and genuinely care about their business needs. Besides collaborating well with customers, you are eager to share with and learn from your colleagues, to win together as team.

You love a good challenge and can shift gears easily, adapting yourself to new situations, solving problems on the go, turning each day into another success or learning – this is what keeps your energy levels high.

Benefits to your career