Respectful Together

Respectful Together

As an employer, Coca-Cola HBC benefits greatly from the skills, experience and commitment of the different people who work for and with us. That is why we are committed to creating an environment in which all of our employees feel valued and respected, and we proactively promote the topics of diversity and inclusion. This is the only way we can optimally recognize the needs of our customers, who are just as diverse and individual as our team, and always offer them innovative solutions.


Diversity is a fact. It describes the variety of the members of a group in terms of various characteristics and in this way reflects the mix of talents within our team. Inclusion means making this mix work. It is a certain behaviour and means that we see, include, understand and value employees for who they are. Only in this way can we succeed in recognizing and using the various talents, knowledge and skills within the company.


“Come As You Are” is the name of our internal network, which is committed to integrating lived diversity and inclusion at all levels of our company. On the one hand, this is borne by our Senior Leaders. Our General Manager chairs it and two members of the Senior Leadership Team are co-chairs. The other members come from different business areas and positions and bring a wide range of knowledge, networks and insights with them in the course of their voluntary commitment.

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In order to successfully integrate diversity and inclusion into the corporate culture, we rely on a mix of specific corporate goals and internal and external measures, supported by our “Come As You Are” network. We measure the success of our efforts through feedback from our employees, as well as external certifications and exchange in diversity networks with our partners.

In order to include all employees in our efforts to create an inclusive work environment, we regularly offer internal workshops and learning opportunities and implement initiatives to highlight relevant topics and challenges. This includes, for example, dealing with the topic of "unconscious bias" - thought patterns that unconsciously influence us, are burdened with stereotypes and can impair equal opportunities. So we strive together for regular self-reflection in our everyday work and continue to develop in this important area. 

If you have any questions regarding the topic of diversity & inclusion, please get in contact with our D&I representative Anna Samek directly: [email protected]