With our sponsorship activities we aim to establish sustainable long-term partnerships. It's our target to promote selected projects in order to generate broad approval and to preserve the strong positive reputation of our brands.

Coca-Cola at the film festival on Vienna's Rathausplatz Coca-Cola at the film festival on Vienna's Rathausplatz

Sponsorships by Coca‑Cola HBC Austria

Our support is usually provided by means of free soft drinks and/or contributions in kind, with the expectation of receiving services in return, which support our own communication and marketing targets.

The following requests may not be considered:

  • environmentally harmful concepts
  • potentially health-threatening projects
  • unethical requests
  • events which take place outside of Austria
  • school trips and excursions
  • school events such as graduation parties, graduation balls and school
  • projects
  • private individuals or events
  • religious and political associations or events
  • raffles

According to company guidelines, Coca‑Cola does not support any events aimed at the main target group “Children under the age of 13”

World Without Waste collection box World Without Waste collection box

Clean events for a World Without Waste

With our 'World Without Waste' strategy, we pursue the goal of responsible use of resources and support for a sustainable circular economy. As a Coca‑Cola system, we take responsibility and do our part to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible or to reduce it ever further. This also applies to events that we organize ourselves or in which we are partners. Our goal is to ensure that our packaging, which is in circulation at events, is recycled and disposed of properly. That's why sustainable waste management is important to us.

Please read the sponsoring guidelines carefully before placing a request.