Premium Spirits

Premium Spirits

From the pick-me-up in the morning to the caffeine kick in the afternoon or the after-work drink: the tastes and preferences of our consumers are as different as the course of the day itself. In 2020, we met this diversity in with a unique expansion of our portfolio: On the way to a 24/7 beverage company, we set another important milestone with the launch of premium spirits.

Within the premium spirits segment, we rely on strong brand partners. Exclusive partner for vodka is the Ukrainian brand Nemiroff, which is not only one of the oldest vodka manufacturers in the world, but also known for its innovative spirit: The company began making vodka from wheat instead of potatoes at an early stage and has been experimenting with various infusions to this day. Gin and Whiskey partner is Glendalough: the first Irish craft distillery with an inspiring story and unique, award-winning products.

The gin portfolio is rounded off with Tonka Gin - a partner from Hamburg who works with a very special bean. With the bitters and liqueurs from Lucano, the Italian attitude towards life comes to Austria. The Tequila creations by Padre Azul and Xiaman Mezcal complete the current portfolio. 

Glendalough logo Glendalough logo

High-proof craftmanship

Wild, original and unique - just like their place of origin in the Wicklow Mountains: These are the products of the Irish craft distillery GLENDALOUGH, whose gin & whiskey portfolio we are allowed to sell in Austria. The brand is not only surrounded by a mystical history, but also a long artisanal distillery, production methods tradition and great attention to detail.

Lucano logo Lucano logo

Experience pure dolce vita

We bring Italy into the glass: Because the traditional family company Lucano stands for pure Dolce Vita. As the exclusive distribution partner for the Austria market, we are particularly proud of the Lucano products in our portfolio: The historical Amaro Lucano as well as the high-quality vermouth from Piedmont red wine and the Limoncetta di Sorrento I.G.P.

Nemiroff logo Nemiroff logo

Vodka meets individualism

Bold, characteristic and unmistakable: self-confident and strong individualists will love Nemiroff Vodka. The Ukrainian brand has remained true to its values for over 150 years. In the production of its premium spirits, Nemiroff focuses on high quality, old recipes and a spirit of innovation.

Padre Azul logo Padre Azul logo

The Mexican way of life

100% handcraft. 100% Mexico. 100% agave. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Mexico with Padre Azul. Everything came about through a love story between an Austrian and a Mexican. The big aha-experience that tequila is so much more than a "party shot" is evident in the attention to detail from the bottle to the tequila production process.

Tonka Gin logo Tonka Gin logo

Special seasoning

Tones of vanilla, bitter almond and spicy hay flower give the Tonka Gin a very special twist. In addition, the tonka bean is said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

Xiaman Mezcal Artesanal logo Xiaman Mezcal Artesanal logo

A taste for all senses

This brandy made from wild agaves, produced with the knowledge and experience of more than five generations, is a gift from ancient times. Sweet, aromatic and smoky, authentic and yet elegant: Xiaman Mezcal (pronounced: [ʃɑmɑˈn]) appeals to all the senses.