Biodiversity & Ecosystem

Biodiversity & Ecosystem

Maintaining cycles is not only essential when it comes to packaging: ecosystems, biodiversity, and genetic diversity are interconnected.

The preservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems – which are considered the basis of human life – are particularly important. At Coca-Cola HBC Austria, we want to address these issues more intensely in the future and gain a better understanding of how we can support the preservation of biodiversity in our immediate environment – especially around our production site in Edelstal – and prevent any negative impact.

A year dedicated to biodiversity

That is why, in 2022, we will conduct a biodiversity assessment in cooperation with an external partner. This will be used to assess the status of the area surrounding our plant and to conclusively show which measures can and should be taken to protect and preserve biodiversity in the surrounding area. Some of the land we own has, for decades, been used for agricultural purposes by farmers in the community.

The land was put out to tender with the condition that only certified organic farming would be allowed on it. We are therefore very pleased that the land will continue to be farmed by an organic farmer from the community.

Nicole Gruber Environment Manager

As part of a project, these areas were put up for lease again in 2021. At the same time, the forests and accompanying meadows were entrusted to the local hunting club on the condition that the area be left in its natural state and serve as a retreat for the wildlife. All other lands are not cultivated and are left wild except for necessary maintenance work (e.g. annual mowing).

Humming is allowed.

Since 2021 there has been a lot of activity on the meadows of the Coca-Cola HBC Austria production plant premises in Edelstal: five bee colonies have found an ideal new home here in the middle of the source area of our Römerquelle mineral water.

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Coca-Cola HBC Austria is committed to biodiversity in collaboration with local beekeeper Willi Kammlander. Since the spring of 2021, the spring protection area around the production and logistics center in Edelstal has been home to five bee colonies that produce delicious honey from the nectar of the surrounding rapeseed and sunflower fields. Employees were able to taste this honey for the first time at the end of the year.