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As a leading beverage partner, our goal is to offer our customers the right product for every taste and situation – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The tastes and preferences of our consumers are constantly changing. We therefore place them at the center of our activities and offer an innovative range of products tailored to their needs.

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Local Impact

Coca-Cola is available in Austria since 1929 and is now more than ever ready to refresh local consumers. As part of Coca-Cola HBC, we clearly commit to our strong international background, but also to our local roots.

Our bottling plant

The major part of beverages sold by Coca-Cola in Austria is manufactured locally. We operate a production and logistics centre in Edelstal. From there we supply our customers all over Austria with products from Coca-Cola.

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We give great importance to transparency and ethics; therefore, we're committed to communicating in an open and honest way about our business activities. Social commitment and sustainable development are the focus of our attention.