Our Commitments

Our Commitments

The well-being and the needs of our clients and consumers are our top priority. Therefore, we reduce the calorie content of our drinks, offer transparent nutritional information and commit to responsible marketing.

More and more people change their habits in order to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. One’s own health, but also the well-being of others, is shifting into the focus.

This means, for example, that low-calorie and healthy products which promote well-being are gaining more importance. Consumers expect more information about ingredients and nutritional values of their food. In order to meet all these new requirements, we offer a wider selection of drinks, provide additional information about the ingredients of our beverages and encourage people to more physical activity. 

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We attach great importance to sustainable production and the highest quality of our products. To this end, we are constantly innovating and are committed to complying with the strictest environmental, health & safety and quality standards. Sustainable knowledge management and new technologies support us in these ambitions.