With the introduction of Costa Coffee, we not only brought a new premium coffee brand to the domestic market, but also expanded our extensive portfolio to include the coffee category.

Austrians love good coffee: 85 percent state that they do drink coffee, on average three cups per head are consumed every day. As clear as these numbers are, as diverse are the tastes. One brand that can do it all is the British brand “Costa Coffee”: The number two international coffee brand scores with an extensive range for at home as well as with practical to-go solutions or the innovative Smart Cafés, which also accompanied the start of Costa Coffee in Austria. 


With Costa Coffee we have the opportunity to offer our customers the right drink for every time of day and every occasion on our way to becoming a 24/7 beverage company.  Austrians have a special relationship with coffee, not least because of the established coffee house culture. That is why we are sure that the premium quality of Costa Coffee will meet the taste of local coffee connoisseurs.  

Herbert Bauer General Manager Coca-Cola HBC Österreich

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The success story of Costa Coffee goes back to two brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa, who around had the vision of creating a unique, tasty coffee 50 years ago. The two Italian brothers needed 112 attempts to perfect their “Mocha Italia”, which is still the signature blend of the brand and has not changed since its creation in 1971. 

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With Espresso Monster, Monster created its first “ready to drink” coffee, which provides the perfect energy kick for the day through the caffeine content of three espresso shots. Available in two delicious flavors, Espresso Monster is characterized by a strong taste and a sweet note.