Packaging Initiatives 2023

Packaging Initiatives 2023

With our innovations in the packaging sector, we are helping to strengthen the circular economy in Austria in 2023: The expansion of the PET portfolio to include 100% recycled PET and cardboard-based outer packaging as an alternative to plastic film are powerful measures that contribute to the collection and recycling of the important secondary raw material PET and to reducing emissions. With a new returnable glass line at the Edelstal production site, we are investing in the expansion of returnable capacities.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we focus on a balanced packaging mix that not only ensures the highest quality of our products, but also caters to a wide range of enjoyment moments. Globally, one of our goals as a Coca-Cola system is to increase the collection rate of our primary packaging to 100% by 2030. The Coca-Cola HBC Group has set itself three key milestones on the way to a world without waste by 2025:


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recycled PET in our


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In Austria, we are driving these sustainable ambitions through strong partnerships and innovations in the marketplace: from 100% recycled PET to reducing secondary packaging materials and expanding our reusable portfolio.

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Regarding the share of recycled material in new PET bottles, the EU specifies a recycling share quota of 25% by 2025; by 2030 at the latest, the share should be 30%. The current share of around 31% rPET (status: end of 2022) across the entire PET portfolio of Coca-Cola Austria produced in Edelstal will be significantly increased in the course of 2023: All lemonade products produced at the Edelstal site as well as PET bottles of the Powerade brand will be switched to bottles made of 100% recycled PET. Since 2019, the PET bottles in the Römerquelle portfolio have been made exclusively of 100% recycled PET. All materials used for our products are subject to the strictest internal and external quality requirements and tests.

The EU ban on single-use plastic, which came into force in July 2019, stipulates that by July 2024 all beverage packaging made of single-use plastic with a capacity of up to three liters must be fitted with a closure that remains firmly attached to the packaging even after opening. Following the successful test phase in the previous year, we are now implementing this important step towards avoiding plastic in nature across the whole of Austria. From the beginning of March, the entire PET portfolio will be gradually converted to the new fixed closures. This will make it even easier for consumers to collect single-use plastic packaging, including caps, and return it to the recycling loop. With the new closures, it has also been possible to optimize the use of materials so that no additional plastic is required.

As early as 2020, we implemented a strong measure to reduce our plastic film with the KeelClipTM - a carton-based secondary packaging solution for can multipacks. We were able to save around 55 tons of plastic film per year with this innovation. A further strong reduction is achieved by the new cardboard-based secondary packaging - unique in Austria to date - which will be used for the 6 x 1.5-liter PET multipacks for soft drinks from fall 2023. The previous plastic films will be replaced by 100% recyclable cardboard and kraft paper, reducing material consumption by a further 200 tons per year.