Our management team in Austria combines profound expertise in sales, marketing, commercial excellence, supply chain, finance, human resources, public affairs & communications, jurisprudence and business solution systems (IT)

Frank O'Donnell

Frank O'Donnell

Country General Manager

I started my career in 1992 in Ireland as merchandiser and held several other positions in the company before taking over as Sales Director for Ireland. In 2010 I took over as Commercial Director in our business unit Czech Republic and Slovakia. Then, in March 2014 I was promoted to Country Manager in Ireland. Finally, in March 2016 I assumed the position as Country General Manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Austria.

What I like most about Austria:
The people, and naturally, the nature

I decided to become a part of Coca‑Cola HBC because:
I admired the brands for a long time and felt it was a company with high values and a place where I could build a career.

Francesca Pasini

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

I started my career at Coca‑Cola HBC in 2000 as Tax Manager. Subsequently I held several Finance Manager roles in the Italian & Swiss Business Units, supporting Operations, Marketing and Commercial leadership. In March 2015 I was appointed as Country CFO for Switzerland where I enjoyed accelerating talents from within while promoting a strong mindset of customer centricity and cross-functional collaboration. On August 1, 2018, I took over the position as CFO in Austria.

What I like most about Austria:
Many things!  I especially like the positive attitude and the great diversity of cultural and sporting events while maintaing local traditions.

I decided to become a part of Coca‑Cola HBC because:
Initially I was attracted to the brand.  I visited my first Coke production facility on a school trip when I was 14 years old!  I have remained because of the unique learning culture and “can do” team spirit that I still enjoy very much every day.

Herbert Bauer

Herbert Bauer

Sales Director

In my position as Sales Director, which I have held since January 2017, I am responsible for the areas Key Accounts, Field Sales, Commercial Capability, Vending and Commercial Services at Coca‑Cola HBC Austria. FMCG is in my DNA: For many years I held different positions at Henkel, most recently as Sales Director for Poland, where I was able to gather experience in the areas of commercial, key accounting and brand marketing. As an Austrian, I am especially happy to be working at a company, which also produces locally.

I decided to become a part of Coca‑Cola HBC because:
It gives me the chance to create value for the Austrian market & community.

My favorite drink is:
Cappy Black Currant mixed with Römerquelle Sparkling

Manuela Unger

Marketing Director

A few words about me
Brands are undoubtedly my passion: At Coca‑Cola HBC Austria, I've been on board as Marketing Director since August 2019. Before that, I gained years of experience in various positions at Henkel – including brand management, sales and trade marketing. Most recently, as Marketing Director in the UK, I was involved in building the Laundry Business there.

What I appreciate most about Austria
The diversity of the Austrian regions and our traditions, coupled with modernity, as well as the closeness to nature, which is reflected in the lived sustainability in the country. But also, the typical Austrian serenity, which is nevertheless connected with a sense of responsibility. So, even though I really enjoyed the time in London, it was great to come back home.

That's why I decided to become part of Coca‑Cola HBC
In general: because this is an extremely exciting field of activity in a locally producing company with interesting challenges. And in particular: because of the respectful culture that is associated with the willingness to implement, learn and change things. But also because of the great team and the incredible brand strength and presence.

Favorite drink within the portfolio
Römerquelle mild

Photo credit: Andi Bruckner

Mirela Toljan Jakomin

Commercial Excellence Director

I started my career in 1997 as a graduate trainee at Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia and held several key positions in Finance before being appointed Country Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2004. Eight years later, I moved to Austria where I was holding the position of CFO for Coca‑Cola HBC Austria until the end of 2016. At this point, I decided to make a swing in career and move to Commercial as the Revenue Growth Manager. I was holding this position until my appointment to the Commercial Excellence Director in February 2019.

What I like most about Austria:
I love the people, the culture, the Austrian history and heritage and of course the beautiful landscapes. One can discover Austria for years and never stop admiring its beauty and hidden natural jewels.

For me, Coca‑Cola HBC stands for:
It stands for family, but also for excellence and utmost professionalism by all means, great energy and values.

Felix Sprenger

Country Supply Chain Manager

As Country Supply Chain Manager, I am responsible for Manufacturing, Logistics, Planning, Sustainability and Procurement for Coca‑Cola HBC Austria, since April 2019. Previously, I spent many years with Mondelēz in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, most recently as Head of Customer Service & Logistics Austria & Hungary. The food industry itself is of very high importance to me: producing products of the highest quality in a sustainable way and continuously improving the value chain are the daily focus of our supply chain.

What I value most about Austria:
In addition to the balanced lifestyle between tradition and modernity, I especially appreciate the variety of outdoor activities such as kitesurfing on the Neusiedlersee, hiking in the Salzburg region or race-cycling in Carinthia.

Why I decided to become part of Coca‑Cola HBC:
Beneath unique brands, the company offers many individual development opportunities in local or international teams. The cross-departmental collaboration and a high level of commitment of the employees are particularly important to me.

Bettina Augeneder

Bettina Augeneder

Human Resources Director

As HR Director of Coca‑Cola HBC Austria, I have been in charge of the Human Resources Department since January 2017. We intend to put our focus on the increase in employee commitment, the promotion of talents, the formation of basic skills and the development of a corporate structure, which distinguishes itself by sustained growth.

For me Coca‑Cola HBC stands for:
Passion, learning agile and a big family

I decided to become a part of Coca‑Cola HBC because:
Dedicated to people and strong commitment from top management to invest in talents and to care for our workforce.

Mark Joainig

PA&C Director

What I appreciate most about Austria
Tradition meets innovation, humankind meets nature, economy meets social affairs. In my opinion, Austria offers the perfect balance for people who live here. We should all appreciate this and at the same time make our contribution to ensuring that it stays that way.

That is why I decided to become part of Coca Cola HBC
Coca‑Cola HBC stands for strong international brands and at the same time for a local economic footprint in Austria. As a company we take responsibility for the local environment and our society. Working in an international environment and at the same time actively shaping things on a local level - this makes our company an exciting employer and the right place for personal development.

Coca Cola HBC for me stands for
a reliable partner who meets the core need of Austrians with its products: enjoyment, joy and conviviality. With our products, we make social interaction more enjoyable, and as a company we make every effort to assume responsibility for society and sustainability. Together with our employees, we create a corporate culture in which people can develop personally.

My favourite drink is
Coca‑Cola Zero

Claudia Simon

Claudia Simon

Legal Director Austria

I started my career at Coca‑Cola HBC Austria in February 2012 as Legal Counsel. One of the first projects I was able to support with my legal expertise was the relocation of our production facility to Edelstal. Subsequently, I worked in procurement for some time. Since 2015, I have been responsible as focal point for all legal matters concerning the Company together with my team.

For me, CCHBC stands for:
Working with great people (professionally and personally) and achieving excellent results together.

My favorite drink is:
Coke zero

Gabriele Bergler

Business Solutions and Systems Country Manager & E-Commerce Coordinator

I started my career at Coca‑Cola HBC Austria in July 2006 as Service Desk Manager. As of 2009, I was in charge of the IT unit for Austria and Slovenia as Country IT Manager. Subsequently I held various positions in the areas of finance and IT on a local and regional level. After merging the BSS and IT Operations divisions to form Enterprise Operations, I took over as head of department as of July 1, 2017. 

I decided to become a part of Coca‑Cola HBC because:
I have always wanted to work in an international enterprise and for a strong brand. Diversification & change management has always been very important to me. These expectations towards CCHBC have been confirmed time and again over the years...

My favorite drink is:
Römerquelle still pure or in combination with coffee or wine