Our strategy

In accordance with the business strategy of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group, the corporate strategy for our actions in Austria is built on four strong pillars.

Play to Win

Community trust

Local roots and our charitable commitments

We are convinced that the sustainable growth of our business goes hand in hand with the economic, social and ecological development in the communities in which we operate.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with customers, consumers, employees, stakeholders, suppliers and institutions, and we build trust through responsible, sustainable actions.

Sustainability is part of our corporate philosophy: We have set ambitious long-term targets to consistently optimise all our business processes and decisions.

By means of regular revisions we commit ourselves to assume responsibility and to act and communicate in an open and transparent way.

Coca-Cola System

Consumer relevance

Offering our consumers the right products for all occasions

The tastes and preferences of our consumers change constantly. That’s why we put our focus on them in all our actions, offering an innovative product range tailored to their needs. It is our goal to offer the right product for every taste and every situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Each and every product has to comply with the highest quality standards, provide transparent nutritional information and to be offered chilled if possible. We take our responsibility towards our consumers seriously and have therefore pledged to refrain from advertising aimed at children under 12 years of age.

Our Strategy Customer Preference

Increase customer preference

Exceed customer expectations with our products and services

Building close long-term relationships with our customers is fundamental to our success. We work hard to ensure our people are constantly focused on customer needs and satisfaction. We deliver the desired product on time and in perfect quality, working as a strong partner along the entire value chain to create an added value for both sides.

Our Strategy Cost Leadership

Assuming cost leadership

Cost leadership for a sustainable growth

We are continuously creating the best possible framework conditions for our economic activities in order to increase our operational flexibility on the market and to strengthen the competitiveness of our business. That’s why we optimize our internal processes. In this context, precise cost controlling plays an equally important role as the careful use of our resources.