Introducing our world-class portfolio


We have a world-class portfolio of more than 10 brands, including Coca‑Cola, the best-known and biggest selling soft drink in history.


Our refreshing product portfolio

Coca‑Cola HBC is one of the world’s largest bottlers of products of The Coca‑Cola Company. Our consumers can choose from an innovative and diverse portfolio of soft drinks, which cater all tastes, preferences and occasions.

Our portfolio


Sparkling soft drinks

Carbonated drinks, such as Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite, are the traditional soft drink product range of Coca‑Cola HBC Austria. Our roots lie in the production and distribution of these soft drinks.


Mineral water

Water is vital to the health of all humans. Our traditional Austrian brand Römerquelle has been recognised by the Federal Ministry of Health as natural mineral water, which is the highest quality level. Since 2018, smartwater – the cloud-inspired water - complements our portfolio.


Still drinks

Coca‑Cola HBC Austria produces and distributes a wide range of non-carbonated soft drinks, including Cappy, fuzetea and our sports drink Powerade.


Energy drinks

We refresh our consumers with Monster Energy - the Energy Drink with different unique flavors.

Plant-based drinks

With AdeZ, Coca‑Cola Austria is entering a new category for the company, launching almond, rice and soy drinks, as well as fruity blends of plant-based milk and juice in Austria. You should try it right away!