We produce, sell and distribute a wide range of non-alcoholic soft drinks, including three of the best-known, most popular and biggest-selling brands in the world: Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite.


Coca‑Cola HBC is one of the world’s largest bottlers of products of The Coca‑Cola Company. Our consumers can choose from an innovative and diverse portfolio of soft drinks, which cater all tastes, preferences and occasions.

Sparkling portfolio
Sparkling soft drinks

Sparkling soft drinks

Carbonated drinks, such as Coca‑Cola, Fanta and Sprite, are the traditional soft drink product range of Coca‑Cola HBC Austria. Our roots lie in the production and distribution of these soft drinks.

The sparkling taste comes from carbon dioxide (CO2), which is added to the soft drinks during the manufacturing process. We offer a wide selection of soft drinks with added sugar, low-calorie and sugar-free options in various bottle sizes - the right drink for each taste and occasion at all times.

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Brands Water
Mineral water

Mineral water

Water is vital to the health of all humans. Our traditional Austrian brand Römerquelle has been recognised by the Federal Ministry of Health as natural mineral water, which is the highest quality level. With smartwater, the cloud-inspired water, we are able to complement our portfolio with another premium water brand.

All of the waters produced are in full EU compliance or local compliance where EU regulations are not applicable.

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Brands Still
Still drinks

Still drinks

Non-carbonated soft drinks don’t have any carbon dioxide (CO2) added. Coca‑Cola HBC Austria produces and distributes a wide range of non-carbonated soft drinks, including Cappy, fuzetea and our sports drink Powerade.

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Brands Energy
Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

The energy drinks market is very dynamic and continues to grow fast. We distribute one of the key players in this market: Monster Energy. Besides the classic Monster Energy drink, there are also many innovative low-calorie varieties of the successful brand.

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Plant-based drinks

AdeZ is a great and delicious choice for those who want to adjust their nutrition and lifestyle even more towards plant-based products! AdeZ has an exquisite taste, does not contain any sugar and is lactose-free. 

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