Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

not a vision of the future,
but reality at our bottling plant in Edelstal

At our bottling plant in Edelstal, Burgenland, we use numerous 4.0 technologies in production as well as in logistics for warehousing and supplying our customers with our 24/7 portfolio.

Digital Twin

In cooperation with Microsoft, a digital copy of a production line was created and tested in Edelstal. This is a technology from the field of the so-called "Industrial Metaverse", which was tested in this context for the first time worldwide. It makes virtual interaction, analysis and testing possible without intervention on the running system as never before.

With the possibilities of the Digital Twin, not only can the performance of the line be increased, but the consumption of energy and water can also be reduced in greater detail. Technological progress therefore also offers an unbeatable advantage for development in the field of sustainability.

Automated Yard Management

The implementation of Automated Yard Management was an important step in the transformation of our logistics toward Industry 4.0 standards. With the help of integrated processes and the use of state-of-the-art software, the average time a truck spends on our premises has been significantly reduced. For the excellent implementation of Automated Yard Management, Coca-Cola HBC was awarded the Austrian Logistics Award of the VNL (Verein Netzwerk Logistik) in 2021.

At Coca-Cola HBC, we use technology to continuously develop and win in the market together with our customers. We prove this not only in large, trend-setting projects, but also in many small areas, all of which contribute to our success.

Vision Picking

In picking (=assembling customer-specific mixed orders), we use smart glasses with voice control, which allow our pickers to keep their hands free. The image, number and quantity of the tray to be picked are displayed in the field of vision, a QR code is automatically scanned, and the picking is confirmed. Vision Picking reduces picking errors and automatically notifies our pickers when goods need to be replenished.

employee with smart glasses conducts vision picking employee with smart glasses conducts vision picking

LGVs – Laser Guided Vehicles

LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) are state-of-the-art material handling vehicles that find their position by scanning via laser beam. They take over automated conveying tasks from a supervisor program, drive to pick-up and drop-off points where they are needed at the moment and react accordingly when other LGVs or people are in their path. They have already been used in warehousing at our bottling plant in Edelstal since 2016.

LGV at Coca-Cola HBC Austria bottling plant in Edelstal LGV at Coca-Cola HBC Austria bottling plant in Edelstal