Reclay Österreich GmbH

Reclay Österreich GmbH

Coca-Cola HBC Austria has been working in the area of packaging management since 2020, among others, with the internationally active Reclay Group. The aim is to find new solutions along the packaging value chain and implement them in a modern and innovative way. We don't just want to recycle - we pursue holistic goals!

The recyclability of packaging is an important part of our corporate culture. Even when designing packaging, there are ways to simulate its recyclability before production. Circulate by Reclay offers exactly that: We evaluate all parameters (e.g. shape, color, material, size) of a packaging and thus determine its recyclability.

We don't see packaging as a waste product, but, on the contrary, as a valuable material that needs to be recycled as best as possible. Only through solutions along the entire value chain, we can obtain a valuable material of the highest quality that Coca-Cola HBC Austria can feed back into its production.

Reclay Österreich GmbH has been providing comprehensive advice in the field of environmental and waste management since 2010. The company, based in Vienna, supports manufacturers and distributors in the legally compliant and efficient return and recycling of packaging. Reclay Austria is part of the internationally active Reclay Group, which supports more than 3,000 customers from industry, trade and commerce as well as governments and organizations at 12 locations in Europe and North America in achieving their environmental goals.

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