Groundbreaking for greening: A plant blossoms

When the fog currently settles over the meadows early in the morning, it is still a little harder to imagine, but by May 2023 at the latest, Edelstal is to blossom in even more beautiful tones: As part of the ecological upgrading of the company premises, the entrance area to our plant will become a green oasis of well-being.

Perennials in shades of red, pink and white, trees, flower meadows and seating areas: The designs for the redesign of the entrance area to our production and logistics center already give an idea that visitors and employees can look forward to a completely new appearance. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held by Plant Manager Patrick Redl together with the project team in charge of implementation.

20221115_Edelstal_Ökologisierung_Spatenstich_web 20221115_Edelstal_Ökologisierung_Spatenstich_web


By spring 2023, around 90 new trees and shrubs will be planted here in addition to the existing trees. Based on the design of classic landscape parks, we will plant rows of climate-friendly columnar oaks and flowering ash trees along the roads.


The newly designed areas around our entrance area are to become a place where our team and our guests feel just as comfortable as the native flora and fauna.

Patrick Redl Plant Manager

From May to October, perennials and flowers in the colors of our corporate logo will bloom here in the future: Alongside red coneflower and cat's-foot, pearl basket and grass lily will be beaming. Not only human guests, but also our bees, butterflies and other insects enjoy the 2,000m² of natural flower meadows.


Amidst the blaze of color, new seating areas will invite guests to linger. Along the paths and lounges, Roman artifacts from the Edelstal archive will take you on a journey through history.

In the outdoor area of the canteen, a new wooden deck and planters will make lunch breaks a visual delight. Shading and greenery will also ensure a more pleasant microclimate.