In cooperation with the Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice) Austria, Coca‑Cola HBC Austria has launched the initiative #YouthEmpowered in order to open up new perspectives for unemployed young people. The goal for Austria is to mentor 3,500 young people by 2020 and to improve their chances on the job market. More than 100 employees of the Vienna location are already involved.

Youth unemployment is a growing problem in many European countries. Of 75 million young people living in those 28 countries in which Coca‑Cola HBC is active, 16.5 million are unemployed.

In this context, Coca‑Cola HBC has started the group-wide initiative #YouthEmpowered. Together with national partners, individual programs for unemployed young people were launched in all 28 countries of the group. In cooperation with the Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice), Coca‑Cola HBC has developed 5 practice-oriented modules in which the participating volunteers can get information about important basics for their job search as well as exchange their views.

Ursula Riegler, Public Affairs & Communications Director at Coca‑Cola HBC Austria, explained, “As a company, we have decided to become involved in this field — in all countries in which we are active. We believe that we can offer a useful addition to the existing offers. We can achieve this thanks to the experience and practice insights of a large company. It’s our goal to make a contribution to offer young people new perspectives.”

In cooperation with the Public Employment Service Vienna and ZIB Training, the company has developed the #YouthEmpowered Coke Certificate, which consists of 5 modules, as part of the project “ams.job.werkstatt”. Martin Schmidt, Head of Project Development at ZIB Training, explained, “About 35,000 young people are unemployed in Austria. We have noticed that many young people lack practical input as well as communication with active young employees. We are particularly excited that so many employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Austria get involved voluntarily.”

As part of the 5 practice-oriented modules of the #YouthEmpowered Coke Certificate, participants design a professional video CV. With the Coca‑Cola HBC HR team, they practice the handling of application situations in small groups. Also, the Coca‑Cola managers give them insights into the company and into professional everyday life. As part of the module “Coke Buddies”, employees from all company departments share their own experiences in private conversations. Also, they listen and encourage. The young people get specific practical advice and go through live scenarios.

“More than 100 colleagues from the Coca‑Cola HBC Austria location in Vienna are already taking part with enthusiasm. In the start-up phase, they have invested more than 1,000 hours in #YouthEmpowered. Frank O’Donnell, our General Manager, also takes part and tells about the beginnings of his career,” said Kerstin Fritzlehner who is in charge of the project at Coca‑Cola HBC Austria.

After the start-up phase, Martin Schmidt of the ams.job.werkstatt (“AMS job workshop”) gives a positive summary: “Thanks to the personal contact and the often profound conversations, the program participants get valuable impetus and additional motivation. Quite often, even a small impulse is enough as many youths have already become discouraged.”

Kerstin Fritzlehner is awaiting the coming milestones of the sustainable project with confidence: “For us, #YouthEmpowered has only just begun. This year, we have already managed to mentor more than 400 participants. By 2020, we aim to offer this opportunity to 3,500 program participants. For that purpose, we wish to expand the program with elearning modules as well as to our other locations in Austria in the coming years."

Vienna, November 28, 2017

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ZIB Training is a future-oriented educational institute addressing the demands of a modern job market and further education infrastructure. ZIB Training was founded by Monika Forsthuber, MBA and Mag.a Andrea Stecher, MBA in 2004. The two founders still manage the institute up to today. The company is divided into the Lower Austrian sector (quarters Industrieviertel, Mostviertel, Waldviertel) and the Eastern sector (Vienna, Burgenland and Weinviertel quarter). The Lower Austrian Center is based in St. Pölten, the Eastern Center can be found in the 22nd district of Vienna. Every year, the project “ams.job.werkstatt” organized by the AMS Vienna supports more than 3,000 people in working on their job perspectives for the future as well as in developing their personal strategy for job applications. Thanks to the completion of different modules of their choice, participants have the chance to improve their skills. A personal guide supports them and leads them through the course program.