Costa Coffee

The success story of Costa Coffee goes back to two brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa, who around had the vision of creating a unique, tasty coffee 50 years ago. The two Italian brothers needed 112 attempts to perfect their “Mocha Italia”, which is still the signature blend of the brand and has not changed since its creation in 1971.

Today the Costa Coffee brand is number two on the international coffee market and scores with an extensive range for at home as well as with practical to-go solutions or the innovative Smart Cafés, which also accompany the launch of Costa Coffee in Austria: a sophisticated coffee machine that, thanks to the use of 100% real beans and 100% real milk, conjures up coffee-to-go in barista quality. An interactive touchscreen makes operation very consumer-friendly, while additional sound and odor modules ensure the most pleasant coffee house atmosphere. 


Bright Blend

  1. Introduction

This full-bodied coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans from South America. Its medium intensity convinces with playful acidity and an irresistible sweetness that appeals to the senses of every coffee lover. The light but full-bodied coffee is ideal for enjoying every coffee moment. 

Colombian Roast

  1. Introduction

The Colombian Single Origin variety has its origin in the sunny mountain foothills of Colombia, one of the most respected coffee countries in the world. The 100% Arabica variety perfectly captures the characteristics of the region and impresses with its diverse taste and freshness. Each production is personally tasted by coffee master Gennaro Peliccia. 

Signature Blend Medium Roast

  1. Introduction

Coffee lovers have valued the Signature Blend since 1971. The slow roasting method gives the Signature Blend its incomparably smooth, nutty aroma and makes it the perfect coffee for every occasion. 100% of the coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance certified. Available as capsules or whole beans.