Lucano Liqueur


Amaro Lucano

  1. Introduction

The recipe for Amaro Lucano, dating back to 1894, has been passed on from generation to generation since its discovery by Pascale Vena and is still a secret recipe. And one is for sure: And spirits lovers will also guard this traditional drink like the apple of their eye. The mix of 30 different herbs gives the Amaro Lucano a very special taste profile.

Lucano Vermouth Del Cavaliere

  1. Introduction

This high-quality vermouth uses red wine from Piedmont as a base and is refined with herbs. The recipe is based on a creation by Pasquale Vena from the late 19th century. A full-bodied, round taste profile makes this vermouth particularly stand out.

Limoncetta di Sorrento I.G.P.

  1. Introduction

Limoncetta di Sorrento is made from the peel of high-quality Sorrento lemons that are grown on the Amalfi Coast. A 100% natural liqueur with a unique taste, without coloring or preservatives, made according to a traditional recipe.

Lucano Sambuca

  1. Introduction

The classic star aniseed liqueur that convinces with its clear colour and viscosity. Mostly enjoyed pure on ice, flambéed or as a classic “fly” (con la mosca) on ice with coffee beans.

Lucano Cordial Caffé

  1. Introduction

Coffee liqueur from Italy, which is processed directly from the coffee bean in the manufacturing process. It scores with its full-bodied taste: Italian espresso notes combine with wonderful cocoa and vanilla notes. Perfect for espresso martinis and also in the dessert area in combination with ice, as a sorbet or in tiramisu.

Lucano Amaro Anniversario

  1. Introduction

New edition for the 120th company anniversary of the recipe of the classic Lucano Amaro with 34% vol. Alc. To emphasize the 30 different herbal notes even more intensely. Exciting addition to the great comeback of the Negroni and Americano.