Padre Azul


Padre Azul Blanco

  1. Introduction

A young tequila, transparent and clear, which is bottled immediately after the double distillation. Extremely delicate and complex, it convinces with an incomparable taste of fresh agave. It is perfect for mixing high quality cocktails.

Padre Azul Reposado

  1. Introduction

This tequila was aged in oak barrels for at least eight months. This process gives it its typical light-yellow colour and special complexity. It scores with a light taste of vanilla, is very present and pleasant in the finish.

Padre Azul Añejo

  1. Introduction

A truly unique specimen: This particularly versatile and at the same time mild super premium tequila matures for at least 18 months in carefully selected oak barrels. It impresses with complex aromas that are reminiscent of cinnamon, chocolate and caramelized nuts.