Since 2017, the distinctive and unique red Coca-Cola round logo has combined all Coca-Cola variants under one roof. No matter which one of them you choose, you will always enjoy the great taste and brand that you know and love. So, no matter the choice, you will always get the right coke that corresponds to the respective taste, lifestyle or moment of pleasure - with or without calories. 



  1. Introduction

The unmatched original: Ever since, Coca-Cola stands for infinite refreshment and the pure joy of life. No other drink tastes as unique as this iconic beverage.

Coca-Cola zero sugar

  1. Introduction

Genuine taste – zero sugar, zero calories. Launched in 2007, Coca-Cola zero has been a success story. Since July 2021 Coca-Cola zero sugar presents itself in a new striking look and convinces with a more refreshing taste, which approaches very close to the original Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola light

  1. Introduction

Light taste – no calories. Coca‑Cola light, containing little more than a single calorie, is the leading low-calorie soft drink worldwide. Successfully introduced in the Austrian market in 1983, it has enjoyed lasting popularity ever since.

Coca-Cola Vanilla

  1. Introduction

Vanilla-flavoured Coca‑Cola is perfect for those who enjoy Coke but want a little extra sweetness. It draws from the original recipe that contained vanilla. Coca‑Cola Vanilla has delighted Coke fans around the world since the turn of the millennium.

Coca‑Cola Lemon zero

  1. Introduction

This classic –  with a refreshing lemon taste and zero calories – has been available in Austria since 2018 and offers calorie-conscious consumers even more variety within the low-calorie segment.