Right after Coca-Cola, Fanta is the second most popular soft drink in Austria since it was introduced in 1964. In 2017, Fanta was updated with a distinctive new twist bottle and an even more fruity taste. 


Fanta Orange

  1. Introduction

Fanta Orange is a delicious, medium-calorie, carbonated orange-fruit drink that tingles on the tongue. It surprises with an intense and refreshing orange taste (with 5% juice).

Fanta Orange Zero

  1. Introduction

Fanta Orange Zero is an intense and tangy drink without added sugar with a sparkling, fruity taste and 3% orange juice.

Fanta Lemon Zero

  1. Introduction

Lemon – the queen of citrus fruits – refreshes and invigorates, sip by sip. Fanta Zero Lemon comes with no added sugar with the same taste you’d expect from lemonade. The combination of lemon juice and sparkling CO2 will have you dreaming of your next vacation.

Fanta Mango

  1. Introduction

Fanta Mango is a delicious, carbonated soft drink with tropical mango flavour. The playful soft drink, developed for the young at heart, delights with an exotic and mysteriously fruity flavour combination.

Fanta WTF Acai Bowl

  1. Introduction

Fanta WTF Acai Bowl – a FANTAstic taste experience. Fanta WTF Acai Bowl is a refreshing and colourful carbonated fruit-flavoured soft drink (with 3% natural lemon juice).