In 1970, Kinley's adult lemonades first hit mainland Europe - and are here to stay. The metropolises of this world were the inspiration for the portfolio and so each variety heralds a very special place and invites you to a unique, refreshing trip around the world.

Each of the four types is - whether pure or as a mixing drink - an enjoyable experience with a balanced carbon dioxide content.


London Style Tonic Water

  1. Introduction

Kinley Tonic Water scores with a perfect balance of carbon dioxide and a slightly bitter note. Thanks to its balanced taste, the tonic water, inspired by the British metropolis of London, is perfect for combining with spirits, but is also a real taste experience on its own.

Stockholm Style Bitter Lemon

  1. Introduction

Stockholm Style Bitter Lemon uses a mixture of quinine and lemon juice concentrate for a fruity and tart pleasure. The lemonade takes you straight to a whole new level of taste – no matter if enjoyed pure or in combination with spirits.

Bangkok Style Ginger Ale

  1. Introduction

Whether pure, as part of a classic Horse’s Neck or an Ipanema - the alcohol-free version of the Caipirinha - our Ginger Ale is the perfect accompaniment for a variety of moments of pleasure. As its name suggests, the carbonated lemonade scores with a hint of ginger.

Buenos Aires Style Bitter Rose

  1. Introduction

Buenos Aires Style Bitter Rose surprises with a sweet, floral note. Thanks to its balanced carbon dioxide content, this lemonade is suitable both as a component of special cocktail and long drink creations and as an ice-cold refreshment in between.