Cappy offers a broad selection of beverages containing fruit juices, including 100% fruit juice, fruit nectar and fruit drinks. Quality and taste have always been the focus of its creation. As part of a nutritious breakfast, Cappy is a great drink to start the day. 


Cappy Orange

  1. Introduction

The radiant orange of Cappy Orange catches the eye and awakes pleasant anticipation for the taste of sun-ripened oranges. The orange is by far the most important variety of citrus fruits, which convinces as source of vitamin C. It also tastes great in Cappy Orange 100% juice, displaying a balanced combination of sweet and sour flavours. 

Cappy Apple

  1. Introduction

Cappy Apple is a 100% fruit juice, as it is entirely made of refreshing sweet and sour apple juice without any artificial colours and preservatives added. 

Cappy Multivitamin

  1. Introduction

The Cappy Multivitamin blend of fruit juices combines orange, apple, lemon, grape and peach for an aromatically balanced fruit drink. The elegant 250ml glass bottle makes the velvety taste even more special. 

Cappy Strawberry-Mix

  1. Introduction

It’s strawberry season! The Cappy Strawberry-Mix is infused with strawberry purée mixed with tastes of apple, aronia and blackcurrant to balance the fruit drink and create an enjoyable taste experience. 

Cappy Black Currant

  1. Introduction

The Cappy Blackcurrant drink, with its fruit and blissful taste, is a pleasure to drink. Blackcurrant is a great source of vitamin C – providing three times more of the vitamin than lemon. 

Cappy Apricot

  1. Introduction

Cappy Apricot is made of sun-ripened apricots, using the puree of peeled fruits and it convinces with its velvety fruity flavour. 

Cappy Ice Fruit Multivitamin

  1. Introduction

The fruity refreshment for hot days – this delicious non-sparkling fruit beverage tastes best chilled.