FUZETEA offers a perfect balance of selected tea extracts, fruit juice and fresh water with herb/flower extracts. FUZETEA stands for a new era of ice teas - fewer calories and a refreshing, mature taste! 


FUZETEA Peach Hibiscus

  1. Introduction

An exceptional fusion of black tea extract and peach juice from concentrate. Refined with the unique taste of hibiscus extract, FUZETEA creates a very special moment of pleasure. 

FUZETEA Lemon Lemongrass

  1. Introduction

A refreshing and complex iced tea with black tea extract and lemon juice from concentrate. Refined with natural lemongrass aroma, it creates an intense taste experience in perfect balance. 

FUZETEA Peach-Rose without sugar

  1. Introduction

FUZETEA Peach-Rose without sugar impresses with the classic combination of black tea and peach. On the other hand, a hint of rose gives the product a totally new and surprising flavor profile. At the same time, FUZETEA Peach-Rose is completely sugar-free. 

FUZETEA Green Tea Blueberry Jasmine

  1. Introduction

Aromatic green tea, with sweet blueberries and a hint of jasmine, creates an extraordinary fusion of taste that will make you keep its exotic, sweet notes in memory. Added antioxidants ensure well-being. 

FUZETEA Green Tea Pomegranate Acai

  1. Introduction

Refreshing green tea from the tea fields of Kenya and two selected super fruits ensure an incomparable tasty fusion: fruity pomegranate and the South American acai berry.