Albert's Story: Excellence for our Logistics

Albert's story: Excellence for our Logistics

Logistics excellence - hardly anyone can imagine what I am working on when I first mention in which department I work. In fact, we do not have what we would call a "typical work day".

On the contrary, Logistics Excellence is very much involved in different projects in which several departments work hand in hand.

Whether in collaboration with our Warehouse, the Distribution or Cold Drink Operations (CDO): On the one hand, Logistics Excellence provides strategic know-how to plan and implement projects. On the other, we continuously monitor ongoing operations in order to determine if and where optimization potentials exists.


The breadth of the projects and the dynamic environment in which we operate make our activities in the field of logistics excellence incredibly exciting.

Albert Raditsch Logistics Excellence Specialist

I have always found Coca‑Cola HBC Austria - both as a brand and as an employer - incredibly interesting. A few years ago, I was able to enter the company through a project-related activity for our plant in Edelstal. After completing the project, where I was given the opportunity to quickly take on responsibility and subprojects, I joined Coca‑Cola HBC Austria as a permanent team member.

What is important for the job in any case? Due to the close cooperation with many different departments, teamspirit is the all-rounder. The variety of the areas of responsibility, coupled with the market environment in which we operate, also demand a quick grasp and the willingness to constantly evolve.