Sebastian’s Story: Not just a ‚Salesman‘, but also a Mentor, Leader, and enthusiastic hobby cook

Sebastian’s Story: Not just a ‚Salesman‘, but also a Mentor, Leader, and enthusiastic hobby cook


I started my career in the marketing and events sector, but I felt as though I was not sufficiently challenged. Soon after, I left the sector based on the advice of a good friend. Looking back, it was definitely the right decision, because in 2015 I became part of Coca-Cola HBC, where my success story in sales began. In my current role, I look after our gastronomy customers, and am no longer just responsible for myself, but also for my own teams.

No repetitive days

I have been working at Coca-Cola HBC for eight years now and have made several internal career moves. My work was and continues to be very varied and exciting because of the constant contact with different customers. One of my most unusual experiences was definitely a customer visit that I did on skis! I will never forget that. In every stage, my work remains interesting, and I know I can always further expand my skills through training opportunities, mentoring offers and cross-departmental opportunities.


My role as a mentor and a leader have taught me that self-reflection is crucial to improve my skills. It is the only way to get to know yourself better, define your strengths and weaknesses, and observe development. Self-reflection and an open mindset help me every day when in contact with clients and my team.


It is always exciting to meet new people and to respond to their individual needs. In relation to this, open communication within the team is also important to promote creative and innovative exchange.


In recognition of this, my team recently won an internal award for creative ideas in sales, which makes me very proud!

Finding balance

As an ambitious hobby chef who chooses his holiday destinations based on restaurants rather than tourist attractions, my career at Coca-Cola HBC was a perfect choice to optimally balance job and hobby. As an avid gourmet, the wide range of products in our 24/7 portfolio really appeals to me and brings me inspiration for private occasions. A good work-life balance is also essential for me to live my life harmoniously. Not only does work-life balance result in a fulfilled life, but it also increases productivity in one’s everyday work. Especially since the birth of my son, I realize that a clear demarcation between work and leisure is very important for me to be optimally present in both areas of my life. I am very happy that my job allows me this separation despite all its exciting daily challenges.