Responsible use of the vital resource of water has top priority for Coca‑Cola HBC Austria. The company has set ambitious goals for sustainable use and makes an active contribution to resource protection.

Water is essential for the production of Coca‑Cola HBC Austria’s products: The exclusive bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company operates a state-of-the-art production and logistics center in Edelstal (Burgenland). The majority of Coca‑Cola products sold in Austria are produced locally. This also applies to the traditional brand of Römerquelle which is bottled in Edelstal – directly at the source. Water is necessary not only for the products, but also for many steps in the entire production process. Water-saving technologies are used in all work processes in order to reduce water consumption in the long term.

Only 1.5 liters of water consumption per liter of beverage in 2020

It’s an ambitious goal: Water consumption per liter of produced beverage is supposed to be reduced to 1.5 liters by 2020. In 2017, 1.72 liters were used for 1 liter of produced beverage. In order to achieve this goal, water-saving measures are used in production. “The goals and measures for the conservation of resources are part of our overall strategy. They show that we are determined to grow our business in a responsible, profitable and sustainable way. That is why we constantly invest in particularly energy-efficient and water-saving production,” said Frank O’Donnell, General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Austria.

Multiple use of water in production

Process water is used repeatedly in all work steps in the production process: Cleaning water from the bottle washer, for instance, is used for the first cleaning step of the crate washer. Additionally, the glass bottle washing machine has been rebuilt. Thanks to these measures, about 40,000 cubic meters of water have been saved every year. 
Related to the newly adapted mineral water bottling line, pre-cleaning with water has become obsolete thanks to a technical innovation as PET bottles are now first inflated and then filled without further contact with their environment. Compared to conventional lines, it is possible to save 15,000 cubic meters of water every year. The annual savings volume of 55,000 cubic meters corresponds to the annual water supply of 275 four-person households.

Award-winning water protection

The European Water Stewardship (EWS) Gold Level Certification confirms that Coca‑Cola HBC Austria is on the right track with its initiatives. Since 2014, the production plant in Edelstal has received this award every year. The EWS standards establish specific criteria for the protection of sources as well as for water quality and sewage disposal.

Social commitment for the protection of the Danube

As a partner of the “Green Danube” initiative, Coca‑Cola HBC Austria started the Danube Challenge in 2006 in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism. School classes from all parts of Austria get the chance to explore the ecosystem of water. Since 2016, the Danube Challenge takes place as part of the Danube Day. In cooperation with Generation Blue, the information platform of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Römerquelle organizes the annual initiative “Mein Trinkpass” (“My Hydration Check”): As part of this initiative, more than 30,000 teenagers check their drinking patterns for two weeks. Also, they work on the topic of water in a creative way. The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness for the importance of adequate fluid intake as well as to make a contribution to improving the daily diet of students.

Vienna, March 20, 2018

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Das Unternehmen Coca‑Cola HBC Österreich

Coca‑Cola HBC Österreich versorgt flächendeckend den gesamten österreichischen Markt mit Produkten aus dem Hause Coca‑Cola. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt rund 1.000 Mitarbeiter in Österreich – im Produktionsbetrieb bzw. regionalen Verkaufszentren und Auslieferungslagern. Neben den bekannten Marken Coca‑Cola, Coke light, Coke zero, Fanta und Sprite zählen auch die neue Eisteemarke fuzetea, Cappy, Römerquelle, der Energy Drink Monster und das Sportgetränk Powerade zum breiten Produktportfolio. Im burgenländischen Edelstal, dem Quellort von Römerquelle, werden im hochmodernen Produktions- und Logistikzentrum sämtliche Produkte aus dem Hause Coca‑Cola HBC abgefüllt und von dort aus österreichweit distribuiert. Mehr als 60.000 Kunden aus Lebensmittelhandel und Gastronomie versorgen Konsumenten in ganz Österreich mit Getränken aus dem Hause Coca‑Cola. 8.000 Kühlautomaten sorgen darüber hinaus dafür, dass die Getränke stets auf Armeslänge und gekühlt zur Erfrischung verfügbar sind.

Coca‑Cola ist seit 1929 in Österreich fest verankert. Coca‑Cola HBC Österreich ist ein Tochterunternehmen der Coca‑Cola HBC Bottling Company AG mit Sitz in der Schweiz. Das Unternehmen ist einer der führenden Abfüller der Coca‑Cola Company mit einem Verkaufsvolumen von 2 Milliarden unit cases und versorgt mit Produktions- und Distributionszentren in 28 Ländern jährlich mehr als 590 Millionen Konsumenten. Das Unternehmen notiert an der Börse in London mit Zweitlistung in Athen. Coca‑Cola HBC ist im Dow Jones Sustainability Index und im FTSE4Good Index gelistet.

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