Glendalough Gin & Whiskey


GLENDALOUGH Wild Botanicals Gin

  1. Introduction

For this extraordinary gin, wild plants, herbs and flowers from the Wicklow Mountains are handpicked daily and are distilled separately. Only before bottling are the 30+ separate batches blended and reduced to drinking strength. The smell and taste are reminiscent of the Glendalough‘s valley on a summer's day after an Irish rain.


  1. Introduction

This gin with rose petals was first made in honor of the mother of GLENDALOUGH's master distiller, Rose. It gets its pink color and its intense, floral aroma from the loving distillation of three different types of roses and other wild botanicals that are collected by hand around the distillery. After the distillation, the gin is again put in a rose bath to ensure color intensity.

GLENDALOUGH Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

  1. Introduction

Single malt, Irish whiskey that is matured for three years in a bourbon barrel and then for six months in an Oloroso sherry barrel. The combination of the two barrels and the mild, maritime Irish climate give the Double Barrel its extraordinary taste profile.

GLENDALOUGH Pot Still Irish Whiskey

  1. Introduction

Single Malt, Irish whiskey that is distilled in the traditional pot still (copper kettle). After three years of aging in bourbon casks, the whiskey is moved to virgin Irish oak barrels and ages for at least one more year. The result is a malty, sweet whiskey. Soft, warm and buttery on the palate with typical pot-still malt and spicy aroma.


  1. Introduction

Glendalough's Mizunara Cask is the best of two worlds: Finished in japanese Mizunara oak casks, this seven-year-old single malt whiskey combines centuries of Irish whiskey culture with the tradition of Japan. It features a long finish of toasted oak and subtle layers of complex woody spices, with dark chocolate also resonating longer.

0.7 L bottle
46% Alc. vol.