The wellbeing of people is very important to us, therefore we support and initiate life-improving activities.

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Coca‑Cola HBC is committed to reduce and prevent youth unemployment on an international level. In many countries it is one of the biggest challenges.

The group set the goal to give young unemployed people a helping hand in the framework of the Europe-wide initiative #YouthEmpowered.

In collaboration with the public employment service AMS, Coca‑Cola HBC Austria offers a modular training program. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a Coca‑Cola Certificate.

In this program unemployed youngsters are given an introduction to the company in addition to providing them with practical application tips from experience.

The so-called “Coke Buddies” –Coca‑Cola HBC Austria volunteers, who are willing to help– give an insight into the daily working life, coach them and try to explain, what really matters. By meanings of the #YouthEmpowered initiative we want to give unemployed young people a perspective and motivate them not to give up, but to keep applying and to stay active.

Youth Empowered

Danube Day and Hydration Check Trinkpass

In 2006 Coca‑Cola HBC Austria and the Ministry for sustainability and tourism initiated the Danube Challenge, giving students from all over Austria the chance to explore the ecosystem water. Since 2016 the Danube Challenge takes place in the framework of the Danube Days, which are focussed on a different theme every year.

One of the biggest activities performed once a year by Generation Blue, a platform of the Ministry sustainability and tourism and Römerquelle is the Hydration Check (Trinkpass). The initiative invites youngsters to measure their drinking patterns for two weeks and to resolve a creative task. Coca‑Cola HBC aims at highlighting the importance of hydration and contributing to improve the daily nutrition of students. Furthermore it is intended to motivate young people to look intensively into the topic of water. Every year 30,000 students from all over Austria participate in the initiative.

Trinkpass and Danube Day are cooperation projects between Römerquelle, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Generation Blue and AQA, an Austrian environmental and health analysis company.

Trinkpass Danube Day

Get active Social Business Award

Together with the newspaper “Der Standard” and the Centre of Excellence for Non-profit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurship of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Coca‑Cola calls for social entrepreneurial activities across Austria since 2006.

Participation is open to anyone: companies, non-profit organisations and groups of committed individuals. During the competition the ideas have to be written down in a business plan ready for implementation. Based on these plans and by means of clearly defined evaluation criteria, a decision-making body then chooses the best project worthy of sponsorship, which will receive important financial support. The award contributes to the global initiative “5by20” that aims to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs across the company’s value chain by 2020.

get active social business award

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