Alzbetas Story: Chancen sind dazu da, genutzt zu werden

Alzbeta's story: Opportunities exist to be used

Why did I choose Coca-Cola HBC? Because I had a very good feeling after the personal interview and have always believed that, if there is an opportunity, it should be taken.

It was a decision that not only felt right back then but is also confirmed to me every day when I walk into our office. I have been with the company since May 2013 and have been able to develop myself continuously. I started out as a Payroll Specialist for our production and logistics center in Edelstal and after a short time switched to the HR Services department. I filled various positions there, for example in the areas of Compensation and Benefits or HR Controlling.

One step that, in retrospect, was very important for my further development was the participation in our internal management program Fast Forward. The program prepares future managers to lead their own teams. The participation in this program not only got me out of my comfort zone, it also gave me the opportunity to learn very quickly. Through mentoring and project work, I was able to get to know other departments and colleagues who have helped me a lot in building a holistic understanding of our business. After successfully completing the program, I was allowed to take over the HR Services department with around 10 employees. Currently, as HR Manager for Commercial, I am responsible for two team members.

Always have the goal in mind

Describing a typical working day is difficult because my work varies a lot, depending on what time of the year it is. Generally described, it consists of supporting and accompanying managers in the strategic personnel and development planning of the respective department and the implementation of various HR measures.


If you are willing to work hard and to actively listen; if you are willing to be considerate of others and still not lose sight of your goals - then you can achieve a lot here.


Alzbeta Takacova HR Managerin Commercial

During the year, I also support our decision-makers with expertise in labor law and am the contact person for managers in the commercial area. Together with the entire HR department, I am also involved in developing our growth culture. The nice thing about my job is that I can see the results of my work very clearly. If the feedback from a workshop is good, or if an employee can develop, I know why I enjoy doing this job so much.

A well balanced career environment

My biggest challenge so far has been switching from a professional to a manager. I had to learn how to communicate effectively, adjust my time management, listen actively and that I have to deal with different personalities differently. But I also learned that asking for help is not a sign of weakness and that coaching and mentoring can really help you to develop yourself further in this area.

In all of this, the company's support is essential: for example, I commute from Bratislava to Vienna every day and have two wonderful children. Successfully pursuing your career at the same time requires flexibility on both sides. Fortunately, Coca-Cola HBC is taking a lot of measures to enable its team to achieve a balance between work and private life. Because of this and the trust my superiors had in me, I was able, for example, to take on my first management role part-time.