Cornelia's story: From gastronomy to the Coca-Cola HBC field sales team

Cornelia's story: From gastronomy to the Coca-Cola HBC field sales team


I originally come from the gastronomy business and then worked in field sales for six years before joining Coca-Cola HBC. I've always been fascinated by the brand, so i took the chance and applied for the job as an area sales manager. I have now been working in the Coca-Cola HBC Sales team for eight years.

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Each customer is different. They all have their own story.

As a sales representative, I visit ten to fifteen customers a day. That may sound like the same scenario repeats itself 15 times a day for me, but the opposite is true. Each customer has their own story and individual needs. Some have been in business for decades, others have just opened. Depending on what they need at the time, I assist with marketing activities such as menu design or special on-site activations. And, of course, I coordinate with them on what current or new products from our portfolio will best suit them.

The feeling of accompanying a new customer from the first minute to a successful conclusion makes me especially proud!

What I love about my job is that I get to meet so many different people and accompany them on their journey. Because, of course, signing a contract is not the end of the story. Maintaining existing customer contacts is just as important, and I'm always amazed at how certain customers can develop in just a few years. Even after eight years, there are always surprises for me. And because I myself originally come from the gastronomy business, I can empathize very well with my customers and know many of their challenges from my own experience.

My must-haves on the road

Since I spend a lot of time in the car every day on the way to my clients, there are a few things that absolutely must not be missing to make it a successful day! First of all, of course, my tablet and my work cell phone – so I can always be reached and have the most important documents with me. To refresh myself in between, I like to have Römerquelle Bio Limo Orange-Mango-Passionsfrucht with me.