Jennifer‘s story: Open to new opportunities

Jennifer‘s story: Open to new opportunities


What always surprises me about my job is that even if you have been with our company for a long time, you constantly come into contact with new topics and tasks. That makes my job as varied as it is exciting.

When I decided on Coca-Cola HBC Austria four years ago, my interest in the dynamic of the beverage industry played a major role. Coming from the cosmetics and fashion industry, I found the professional change of scenery in the direction of a manufacturing company appealing. Fortunately for me, a position as a commercial trainee was available at the time, so the management trainee program, which lasted around one and a half years, became my opening door into the company. During my traineeship, I was able to get to know different departments and thus also the complexity of our company. Going through these different stations not only has the advantage of gaining a glimpse of “the big picture”, but also getting to know contact persons in different areas.

Traineeship as an opening door for further career

This helped me a lot in my further career path. After the trainee program, I was able to get a job as a junior channel manager in marketing. A year later I was promoted to channel manager and since mid-March 2020 I have been working as a key account manager. In the late summer of last year, I was also able to join our internal management program Fast Forward 1, which I will complete this year. By taking on a project as part of the program, I was able to get to know new areas and people much better. I particularly benefited from the cooperation with my mentor and his wealth of experience, but also from the contact with the project team and our senior leadership team.

Reach your goal with structure

Basically, I have a very structured day-to-day work. I start in the morning around 7:00 a.m., immediately deal with my current e-mails and tasks and plan for the day. I also answer customer calls and try to always have an open ear for concerns and act as a mouthpiece in the company. The most important thing here is to always stay on the ball so that all customer needs can be met optimally. 

What defines my job is proximity to the customer. I am responsible for the entire package that customers may need. This direct contact, but also that to my colleagues, is what makes the job so special for me.
Jennifer Hrastar Key Account Manager

The biggest challenge in my job? It can change a lot very quickly. Regardless of whether it concerns new products, an internal change of positions or new departments. Always being ready for these opportunities and still giving everything in the current situation can be very challenging. The most important thing and at the same time my advice for young talents at the end: Be brave, open and accept the challenge! All employees can benefit from the Coke Family atmosphere. Being able to be open and ask for their point of view or advice can be the key to success.