Katharina's Story: From Management Trainee to a Fixed Position

Katharina's story: From Management Trainee to a fixed position

A job fair could never be the starting signal for your career? Well, it can actually. For me, the Career Calling - one of the biggest career fairs in Austria - was the door opener for my career in our company.

I've always found Coca‑Cola as a brand and company fascinating. The American-inspired, uncomplicated corporate culture and the diverse career opportunities have also convinced me.

However, my road to sales was not straightforward: I originally started out as a Management Trainee for the supply chain. After one year at the company, where I got to know different departments, I rediscovered my love for marketing.

In my first fixed position after completing my trainee program, I have been selling products for the Innovate & Growth department - I&G for short - since 2018. Our goal is to try out unknown "urban drinks" on the Austrian market.


Be flexible, inquisitive and seize all the opportunities that you have in the company.

Katharina Haberkorn Key Account Manager IC

On one hand, these tasks require a strong strategic orientation - after all, the customers we select should also suit the product and vice versa. On the other hand, you also have to constantly keep an eye on current trends and what happens on the market. This can either work great and you win a satisfied customer. But as always, when you are the first to try something, you can sometimes fall on your nose. That makes the job challenging, but also very exciting.