Peters Story: The protective hand over our products

Peters Story: The protective hand over our products


When I started my trainee program at Coca-Cola HBC Austria after completing my studies, I was certain that my career development  within this company will never be boring. 

A varied area of responsibility, exciting tasks and the opportunity to grow in the face of challenges: after completing my degree in food science and technology, these were my very personal wishes for my professional future. Shortly afterwards, this dream of the future became reality: In January 2017, I was allowed to join Coca-Cola HBC as a management trainee in the sustainability department. The next year and a half were indeed incredibly multifaceted. As a trainee, you will equally be encouraged and challenged at the same time. Over the course of a year and a half, I was therefore not only able to get to know the work in different areas of sustainability and quality assurance, but also to take on projects myself. This opportunity is not only extremely important for personal development, but also enables you to build up a network within the company.

Product quality as the greatest asset

The latter is also an important asset in my current position: After successfully completing my trainee program and around two years as a Quality Systems Coordinator, I was able to take on my first management position as a Microbiology Supervisor at the beginning of the year. As part of our quality assurance, microbiology plays a key role in our production: My team of nine acts as the final control point before the products are released for the market. Together with the utility department, we are also keeping a close eye on our sources. This means that I and my team accompany our production activities almost around the clock. At the same time, in my role as a team leader, cross-departmental collaboration plays a major role too.


One of the factors that surprised me the most about my new position: The strong connection of microbiology with other production areas. It is therefore essential for me as a manager to always keep an eye on the big picture. 

Peter Sucher Quality Assurance Supervisor

Our daily routines are structured accordingly. The day therefore starts early for me: As soon as I arrive at the plant, I take a look at the current microbiology results and use them to check whether the current productions meet our quality standards. The rest of the morning is dedicated to daily coordination and updates with production and other departments. A strong focus of my work is also on coordinating the routines of my team and handling ongoing projects in which microbiology is involved as an important supervision authority.

A boss without a team is just human

For me, leading a team is both a great honour and a responsibility. On the one hand, it is extremely important to me to honour the work that my employees do and to treat their achievements with appreciation. On the other hand, as the boss, I am also the first point of contact for my team's concerns and am available to help when I am needed. Because I have learned one thing as a manager in the past few months: You cannot face challenges alone - you always need the expertise of a strong team with their individual experiences and skills. I try to live this philosophy every day.