The courage to grow

The courage to grow

From talent development and trainings to diversity and the compatibility of work and private life: Coca-Cola HBC Austria’s HR Director Bettina Augender and her team are working on a variety of topics within the company. 

In a short interview, the HR expert reveals, why mentoring plays such an important role within the philosophy to empower both female and male employees to grow beyond their selves.

The importance of mentoring is still underestimated - especially when it comes to promoting young female talents. “Even if women have achieved so much in recent years – in terms of self-confidence and determination, we still have some catching up to do”, explains Bettina Augeneder. “The connection with strong mentors can help you to identify options and solutions for that.”

The fact, that you can only grow sustainably if you work together, is not only the corporate philosophy of Coca-Cola HBC, but also the personal conviction of the mother of a daughter: “In a private as well as in a professional environment you need strong partners to be successful. Sometimes, you simply need someone to have your back in difficult situations and to be at your side with some good advice. Other times, you need them as the little critical voice in the background that encourages you to leave your comfort zone and grow beyond yourself. A mentor can be such a strong partner.”

Be open to connect and learn

Bettina Augeneder knows well that you can meet mentors at every step of journey and not just in your professional life. “I’ve always had the privilege to work with managers, that have given me the feeling that I can do and have it all – if I really want to. They encouraged me to pursue my goals and to strive forward – even as a working mother.” Allies like that are the most important thing – especially for women who want to have both a successful career as well as a family.


In my personal opinion, the choice of your partner might be one of the most important decision in your professional life. Because if you don’t have the support of your partner, even the best mentor is of little use.

Bettina Augeneder Human Resources Director

Asked, how mentoring can help especially women to be more successful, the HR expert stresses, that in professional life, self-confidence might be essential: “Mentoring or coaching can help women in particular to reflect on their strengths, to appear more assertive and to have more confidence in themselves - be it during salary negotiations or when it comes to the next step in their career." Therefore, Coca-Cola HBC Austria encourages employees to become strong role models their selves, connect with future talents and guide them to grow further.