The courage to grow

The courage to grow

Our mentoring program allows us to gain learning experiences from each other and supports the sharing of individual experiences

From talent development and individual training to diversity and work-life balance, People & Culture director Bettina Augeneder and her team work on a variety of issues every day. In a short interview, Bettina explains why mentoring plays an important role in our philosophy of helping employees go above and beyond.

The importance of mentoring is still underestimated - especially when it comes to promoting young female talent. "Even though we women have achieved a lot together in recent years - in terms of self-confidence and determination, we still have some catching up to do in a professional context," explains Bettina Augeneder. "The connection with strong mentors can help you to identify options and solutions for that."

The fact that you can only grow sustainably together is not only the corporate philosophy of Coca-Cola HBC, but also the personal conviction of the mother of a daughter: "In your professional life as in your private life, you need strong partners to be successful. Sometimes to back you up in difficult situations and to support you in word and deed. But also, as a critical, yet well-meaning voice that encourages you to leave your comfort zone and grow beyond yourself. A mentor can be such a strong partner."


Bettina Augeneder knows that mentors can help you at every step of your journey - and not just in your professional life. "For example, I've always had the privilege of having bosses who made me feel like I could do anything and supported me in my career goals - even as a working mother." Companions like these are enormously important.

Portrait of Bettina Augeneder, People and Culture Director

Mentoring is not only an exciting experience for the mentees alone. As a coach, you also keep learning new things. Opening up and exchanging new perspectives with each other is why I find our mentoring program incredibly enriching.

Bettina Augeneder People and Culture Director

When asked how mentoring can help people move more successfully through their professional lives, Bettina Augeneder emphasizes that self-confidence can be a key factor: "Mentoring or coaching can help people think specifically about their personal strengths and act more confidently in order to build more trust in themselves, be it during salary negotiations, or when it comes to the next career step." Therefore, Coca-Cola HBC Austria encourages its employees to become strong role models themselves, to exchange ideas with future talents and to support them towards further growth.