The well-being and the needs of our clients and consumers is our top priority. Therefore, we reduce the calorie content of our drinks, offer transparent nutritional information and commit to responsible marketing.

Responsible marketing

Responsible marketing

More and more people change their habits in order to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. One’s own health, but also the well-being of others, is shifting into the focus.

This means, for example, that low-calorie and healthy products which promote well-being are gaining more importance. Consumers expect more information about ingredients and nutritional values of their food. In order to meet all these new requirements, we offer a wider selection of drinks, provide additional information about the ingredients of our beverages and encourage people to more physical activity.

Greater choice of drinks

Besides sparkling drinks, we now offer a broader range of non-carbonated beverages like juices, water and ready-to-drink teas. Low or no-calorie drinks are becoming increasingly important within our product portfolio, more than half of our products available in Austria are calorie-reduced or free of calories.

Coca‑Cola has committed itself together with the European industry to cut back on sugar/calories in soft drinks by another 10% until 2020 (from -12% since 2000 until now). This is our contribution in order to further reduce the average proportion of soft drinks of the total energy intake in Austria from currently 3%.

Nutritional information

We aim to provide consumers with clear and comprehensible nutritional information about our beverages. We place nutritional labels on the front of our packages – per serving and in proportion to a healthy diet. These labels also display at-a-glance information on sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt content.

Our products are manufactured without any artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. For example, Coca‑Cola does not contain added preservatives or artificial flavours; it never has and never will.

Additional information can be found in the details about our products in the category "Our refreshing product portfolio".

Active lifestyle

Coca‑Cola wants to encourage people to be active or to engage themselves actively in society. We stand for a positive attitude towards life and an active lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do for your health is to practice more physical activity – which, in addition, will make you happier. With the slogan “get active” we promote this attitude by means of initiatives and show how easy and encouraging it can be sometimes to do something.

In our digital magazine "Journey" you can find numerous articles about different aspects of life that consider the key message “Do something to change something!”.

Responsible sales and marketing practices

Although all of our drinks can be consumed as part of a healthy diet, we respect the wishes of parents and educators to oversee their children’s diet and lifestyle.

That’s why we engage actively: We have fully implemented the commitments made by the European Soft Drinks Association UNESDA to the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. As part of these commitments, we do not market or sell soft drinks to primary schools. In schools where children are older than 12 years, we define an adequate drinks selection together with educators and parents. In order to ensure that our industry complies with these commitments, UNESDA assigns independent auditors.  


Years ago we made the worldwide commitment not to place any advertising directly targeted at children under the age of 12.